Did you stick to the plan?

Is it just enough to eat right? Is your definition of eating healthy inline with your goals?

We have all been down that road. We say we want to feel or look a certain way and promise to show strict discipline and good eating habits but the inevitable moment will come where we drop the ball and say forget it! We let our frustrations and bad habits get the best. We rationalize with ourselves making excuses along the way and before we know it it’s time to make an other New Year’s resolution. Does this sound familiar?

It doesn’t have to happen like this an no matter how far your have drifted away from your commitment to yourself there is always time and space for redemption. It starts with the acknowledgement of where you are and what it will take to get back on track. Our team is always here to help you and chances are we may know the struggles better than you think. It’s a path that maybe we too have been down. The only hole that is too deep to dig yourself out of is that one that measures six feet deep.

Your CF Whittier team and staff is here to help you get back on track or start your fitness journey. Reach out to your and lets get back on track.


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