Yvette M.

6/11/2018 – Yelp 5 Star Review 

I’ve been at CrossFit Whittier for one year ( 3 1/2 years of CrossFit experience ) in
that time I have watched this gym and community transform immensely. This place embodies growth and development in every way.

Community: the community is always growing, new people are welcome and made to feel apart of a gym family. Regardless of athleticism or abilities,
You’re welcome here ! I recommend CrossFit not only for the fitness benefits it will bring you, but the countless friendships you will undoubtedly build being apart of a gym like CFW. Accountability is built in through this community, you’ll find yourself looking forward to those tough workouts just because you have a friend  to do it with.

Coaches: one of my favorite things about this gym and why I believe it’s well on its way to greatness is the coaching staff. The coaches all bring a unique set of skills, what they share In common is a desire to learn more and share more with members. From nutrition, to mobility, body work, recovery and just being a better human being, these coaches are well informed and always learning. The coaches have great pride in the gym and it shows in their effort.

Facility: again, lots of development, it’s not uncommon to come into  to the gym for a workout and notice new equipment, a better set up, fresh paint etc. CFW staff is dedicated to making the gym itself something each member can enjoy and be proud of. Clean, big, and excellent location central to all of the cool uptown eateries and shopping.

Lastly, the gym has a fun and friendly vibe, we’re serious about it workouts but also serious about having fun. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned cross fitter you’ll find what you’re looking for at CrossFit Whittier.

– happy member

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