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About Scotts Valley gym

Welcome to Scotts Valley Gym! We are a family owned and run business located in downtown Scotts Valley. We have something for everyone; men, women, and children. We offer several membership amenities including: free childcare, full-service bathrooms, WiFi, flat screen TV’s, a separate level for cardio, and a cross-training area. We have the best rates in town and we are open 365 days a year with extended hours. All memberships include a complimentary fitness consultation/evaluation to build a custom fit workout routine for you and your body. We look forward to future business with you.

SVG Classes

Team Training
Join the Team! Whether your goal is to lose weight, train for an upcoming show or get the body you know you’re designed to have, our TEAM training is for you! Our team training program will take you further than you thought possible. We use a tailored program using kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells and a combination of cardio circuits to get you closer to your fitness and physique goals. Our training program matched with dedicated accountability coaches is the secret sauce you’ve been missing from you training program. Come join the TEAM!
Metabolic Meltdown
The science behind our high-intensity athletic training proves that elite conditioning is attainable. Our expert instructors deliver dynamic HIIT experiences that are intense, challenging and proven to burn calories, ramp up your metabolism and ignite your energy. We promise this will be the best 60 minutes of you day!
Butts! Legs! Thighs! Build muscle, strength and shape in the lower body with smart, intense workouts. This is not just for improving the shape of the lower body; this class can also burn fat, boost endurance, and improve flexibility.
Circuit Training
Circuit training is an excellent way for all fitness levels to improve mobility, strength and stamina.
Active Recovery
We believe Regeneration is a vital part of a high-performance life. It’s the moment when you do less to do more in the long run. We focus on soft tissue, corrective exercises, active isolated stretching and correct movement preparation to ensure you a long and healthy road ahead in life. Once your prepared we take you through a conditioning program to ensure that you’re feeling your best as you walk out the door. Ready than ever to tackle the next days training session. Recover faster and feel regenerated with our Active Recovery Class at Scotts Valley Gym.
Fitness on Demand
We are excited to announce that FitnessOnDemand™ is now available at our facility, providing you access to world-class fitness programming by schedule or on-demand. Browse hundreds of fitness classes using our on-site kiosk to find the perfect class to fit your schedule and goals. Your selected class will broadcast to the large video display, providing an immersive virtual fitness experience for you or a group. Try a new class today! Ask for details.

Kid's Zone

Complementary childcare comes with every membership (some restrictions do apply). We are a family business so we built The Kid’s Zone to keep the kids safe and supervised. Our on-site environment is dedicated to safety and peace of mind. The Kid’s Zone lets you breathe easy while you work out hard.


Are you looking to lose weight and keep the muscle you’ve worked so hard to get? Or possibly you’re ready to start back on a program after taking some time off? We’re here to support you with your nutrition needs!

Introducing CHIMP!



Here at Scotts Valley Gym we believe in making you the best version of yourself from the inside out. Quality training is just as important as quality supplements. With so many on the market to choose from we’ve taken the guessing game out of the equation. The supplements we carry will elevate your training program and give you peak performance you’re after. Pair that with our custom meal plans, excellent training program and you have a recipe for success.


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