We have coached many people to lose weight, gain muscle and increase performance. Sustaining results and continuing good habits is a major challenge. Our custom program works because it is built specifically to last for you and your lifestyle. Whether you are a professional athlete, a new mom or just want to look/feel better: we have helped them all transform their lives


Arleene V.
Arleene V.Whittier, CA
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Ok I am updating my review because it's been a whole week and I am only half dead. After the initial miscommunication, they asked for a chance to make it right. I gave it to them because 1) they owed up to their mistake and 2) they apologized. Sounds simple but we live in the day and age where people blame their mama for rain so I can respect someone that handles their shit. That said, I got my ass handed to me over and over again. After today's workout, my fiancé drove us home as I alternated between gagging and crying. And even then, I was a little proud of myself. And yes, I am the slowest chubbiest person there but no one makes you feel bad about it. In fact, I've gotten the most high fives I've ever gotten in my life. All the coaches have modified the workouts so I can finish with the group but make no mistake, I am still near throwing up every time. My fiancé goes with me and although he is way fitter than me (he goes to the gym religiously) he is also pushed to his limits. I don't feel half as bad when I am dying in my corner because everyone is going hard and struggling. They just look better doing it. I'll get there. Today I wanted to give up so bad but coach Erick ran with me and told me it was ok if I threw up all over him (I almost did) he stood by reminding me why I was there when I thought I couldn't lift the barbell one more time...but then I did. This is the shit I need, someone else to believe I can when I don't even believe I can lol! I am fucking terrified every time I go but even though I leave crying, I also feel a little badass. It can only get better right?
Yvette M.
Yvette M.Los Angeles, CA
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I've been at CrossFit Whittier for one year ( 3 1/2 years of CrossFit experience ) in that time I have watched this gym and community transform immensely. This place embodies growth and development in every way. Community: the community is always growing, new people are welcome and made to feel apart of a gym family. Regardless of athleticism or abilities, You're welcome here ! I recommend CrossFit not only for the fitness benefits it will bring you, but the countless friendships you will undoubtedly build being apart of a gym like CFW. Accountability is built in through this community, you'll find yourself looking forward to those tough workouts just because you have a friend to do it with. Coaches: one of my favorite things about this gym and why I believe it's well on its way to greatness is the coaching staff. The coaches all bring a unique set of skills, what they share In common is a desire to learn more and share more with members. From nutrition, to mobility, body work, recovery and just being a better human being, these coaches are well informed and always learning. The coaches have great pride in the gym and it shows in their effort. Facility: again, lots of development, it's not uncommon to come into to the gym for a workout and notice new equipment, a better set up, fresh paint etc. CFW staff is dedicated to making the gym itself something each member can enjoy and be proud of. Clean, big, and excellent location central to all of the cool uptown eateries and shopping. Lastly, the gym has a fun and friendly vibe, we're serious about it workouts but also serious about having fun. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned cross fitter you'll find what you're looking for at CrossFit Whittier. - happy member
David L.
David L.Huntington Park, CA
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I recently wanted to change up my workout regime from working out at home, to something a little more challenging. I checked out quite a few crossfit gyms and I knew at my age I had to be careful on where I chose because I knew it was going to be rough on my body. Thats what makes Crossfit Whittier different from the rest. They have a team that truly cares about your health, well being and goals that youve set. They know the limits of how much to push you to maximize the challenge, but avoid any injuries. They do that by really getting to know each individual where unlike a typical gym you just dont walk in, get scanned and start working out. They treat everyone like family. So no matter what your fitness goals are or your fitness level, at Crossfit whittier youre definitely in good hands. If you already do crossfit and need a change of scenery, or just starting out, this place needs to be on your list.
Fernando V.
Fernando V.South Gate, CA
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I have been a member since 2016 and I've loved every day since joining ! All of the coaches are awesome and knowledgeable. There are so many different class hours that can easily accommodate any kind of schedule. I researched several other gyms prior to signing up in my general area and I am glad I picked Crossfit Whittier. I've had no complaints since I've joined!!!
Ozzy G.
Ozzy G.Whittier, CA
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CrossFit Whittier has become more than just a box. Its a place where you become part of a family. The coaches are all very passionate about the sport and care about the members. They are extremely knowledgeable in their field and they take their time with each athlete, in making sure they perform each of the movements correctly. If you are looking for a Crossfit box that cares and has amazing coaches, look no further. This is it!
Daisy V.
Daisy V.Pico Rivera, CA
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They really know what they're doing. All the trainers really work with you on how to do all of the moves. I felt very educated not only on workouts but on nutrition. You can always ask questions to any of them. They're very friendly, it's a family atmosphere there, which I loved. The only thing that was tough was getting through the first week which is all training and is only done at a certain time. Once you get past that, it's great!
Brad S.
Brad S.Walnut, CA
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I can't say enough good things about this place. Whether you're a seasoned athletic vet or relatively new to the whole fitness scene this place will have something for you. Erik, the owner, has more or less handpicked the coaches here, who are great people and very knowledgeable. They almost always have an answer to your questions or if you find something they're not sure of, you can best be sure the next time you see them they'll have all the information you need plus some. They keep a good healthy mixture of strength, sprint work outs and long chippers that really test you more mentally than physically. The crossfit style group session really get you to push yourself beyond that comfort zone and if you're willing to put in the work I guarantee the results will follow. In addition to just working out, every so often they'll hold group events. From hockey games, to a Crosstown throwdown with the sister gym in Brea. The Christmas/summer parties are always a good time. If you're on the fence about giving this place a try, just go for it. It has my full 100% recommendation.
Melvin O.
Melvin O.Whittier, CA
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This is My Home Away From Home! I have done drop-in classes at other CrossFit boxes but there's something so special about CFW. The helpful coaches and the family atmosphere make it an ideal place to work out. If you are looking to get away from that egotistic Global Gym mentality, work hard for your fitness goals and build long lasting friendships... look no where else! This is your place. Think Balance: We work on Strength, Stamina, Flexibility, and Power! The goal is to become better at everything and be ready for anything that life throws at you... The pounds and muscles will come naturally. Note: Kid/parent friendly. CrossFit Whittier is perfect for those seeking to get into CrossFit without the high prices and ultra intense workouts. This is a CrossFit / Training Facility. Beginner Friendly, but it will kick you in the behind 🙂
Debra O.
Debra O.Whittier, CA
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My only regret is not joining sooner. The coaches are all very skilled and great at what they do. I love the individualized guidance we all get. They encourage and motivate me daily. The support system and relationships I've gained from here are priceless. My fellow "box" mates are so unbelievably encouraging and inspire me to workout harder and just be a better person all around. Their schedule is very flexible. They offer classes as early as 5:30am and as late as 8:30pm. If you are hesitant for any reason about joining, don't be. If you think you're not ready let me assure you, YOU ARE. The workouts are tailored to your skill level and they change as you gain experience. Working out isn't always easy, but it sure is better when you find a great group of people and great environment to do it in. Dude, seriously, JOIN!



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