Crossfit Competition

On Dec 8th at Whittier High School.
Male, Female, and Co-Ed Team Options

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CrossFit competition

Grab your workout partner in the gym and sign up to participate in the fun! We have a beginner and advanced division making this fun competition fit for any fitness level! We have all inclusive co-ed teams and also all male and all female teams!

At CrossFit Whittier we work hard to create a fun, effective, and inclusive fitness community. Everyone who walks through our doors is accepted for who they areā€¦ and then challenged to get better! Coaches will be there to make sure you are performing the movements correctly, staying safe, and getting strong.

Each competition performance will vary in movements, duration, and focus. We want you to move well, run fast, and lift heavy!

Novice (Beginner)

You perform 80% of the movements scaled. Pull ups are all assisted (bands, jumping pull ups, ring rows).

Intermediate (Scaled)

You perform roughly 50% of the movements but modify many classic WODs due to strength or gymnastic necessity.

Advanced (Pro)

You perform 90%+ benchmark workouts with weights and movements.

We can't wait to see you!

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