Just getting started? Don’t worry, our coaches our experts at helping beginners learn the movements. We help you start at an appropriate intensity unique to you and your goals.

Come try a free intro class any day of the week.

Memberships Packages

Monthly Memberships

Unlimited Membership

$ 169 per month
  • Unlimited access to Crossfit, Burn, In Body, Personal Coaching
  • Cancel anytime

CrossFit Kids

$ 110 per month
  • Each additional child 10% off
  • Crossfit Kids M-Th 2:30 - 3:30!

Couples Discount

$ 294 per month
  • Extended discount to Family members

Pay Per Session

10 Class Punch Card

$ 150 per punch card

Single Class

$ 20 per class

*Discounted Pricing Available on Long-Term Memberships and Paid in Full Memberships.

Membership Terms and Conditions


Our monthly memberships ‘auto-renew' each month based on your billing date.  If you would like to cancel, you will not be charged another month's membership if you inform us at least 7 days before your next billing date via email at [email protected]


We understand that situations arise where you would need to put your membership on hold. If this is the case and you would like to put your membership on hold then let us know. You can freeze your membership in 30 day increments for up to 60 days. Please email [email protected] one week before your hold date. No retroactive membership holds or refunds. 


We do not offer refunds. Under some special circumstances, we may issue a credit. 


Thank you for referring to your friends and family! We offer a $25 credit per referral on your next month.

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Thank you for choosing to take the next step with us! We are excited about the opportunity to be your coach and help you achieve your goals.


Members at CrossFit Whittier can choose from a wide-variety of classes, from CrossFit to Burn to StrongFit and much more! All of our classes are beginner friendly and led by one or two of our Coaches. Every class starts out with a warm-up and is usually followed by a strength segment and finishes with a conditioning workout. Exercises and programming are carefully explained by our coaches and includes lots of hands on help from our coaching staff to make sure you are working out safely and effectively. We pride ourselves on the quality and consistency of our coaching, expect an appropriate challenge regardless of how new or fit you are currently. We also have enough equipment and space to satisfy even the most experienced CrossFitter!


Now Offering 30 Minute Nutrition & Training Consultations

Your Personalized Consultation Includes:

  1. In depth review of your InBody results.
  2. Nutrition counseling individualized to your goals which may include Macro based diet, Whole30, etc.
  3. Review of your 5 Factors of Health: Training, Nutrition, Sleep, Recovery and Mindset.
  4. Reveiw of which CFW classes are best for you to achieve your fitness goals.
  5. Unlimited access
  6. Inbody
  7. Private Facebook page

Price: $50 for 30 Minutes

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