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At CrossFit Whittier we work hard to create a fun, effective, and inclusive fitness community. As a member, you will receive phenomenal coaching, access to a diversity of fitness classes, and the tools to track and achieve your goals.



CrossFit is the ultimate strength and conditioning program. Each class consists of a strength exercise and is followed by a conditioning workout. Each conditioning workout will vary in movements, duration, and focus. All of our classes our beginner friendly. In a CrossFit Class you can expect to learn in a well thought series of progressions to perform skills in weightlifting, strongman, gymnastics, running, rowing, and more to help you broaden your circle of fitness. We want you to help you move better and become an athlete.


Do you want to learn pull-ups? Handstand Walks? Come try our Gymnastics Class! Our Certified Coaches take you through a variety of progressions, weighted and strict practice, and other techniques to dial-in your bodyweight movements. New to Gymnastics? Don’t worry, we meet you right where you are and teach you the right progressions to help you improve your skills, increase work capacity and build muscular endurance for movements commonly seen in CrossFit.

CrossFit Kids

Our CrossFit Kids program teaches physical development through games and age-appropriate “workouts.” Most importantly, we’re all about having FUN! Think of it like the gym class you wish you had growing up!  In a class, our trained coaches use games, obstacle courses, relay races, and other engaging physical activities to build strength, endurance, and confidence.

Nutrition Coaching

Working Against Gravity.

Dial in your nutrition to look and feel amazing.

We offer one-on-one nutrition coaching to help you build habits that last a lifetime and results that do too!


Call us to schedule your one on one meeting, in order to discuss your fitness goals! We offer a WIDE variety of classes for ALL fitness levels!


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