The Standard and Excellence of Crossfit Whittier and Safety for CV-19 and Protocols.

The safety and the well being of all our athlete is our number priority. While we’re preparing ourselves to open the doors for members we sat down and to put safety measurements to reassure the safety of every Athlete here at Crossfit Whittier.

The Crossfit Whittier Standard

We must focus on the safety of our community even more now. We have set standards that coaches and members must follow to maintain the safety and well being of everyone through this hard times.

1) All will be disinfected before and after every class
2) Floors will Scrubbed Twice a day once in the Morning and Again in the After Noon.
3) After every class the following will be disinfected: Bathroom, Bathroom Sinks, Benches, Light Switches and other surfaces are frequently touched by multiple people will be cleaned.
4) Barbells and plates will wiped down after every class.
5) A 15 min gap between classes will insure that coaches have enough time to clean and disinfect equipment before any other athletes are allowed inside.

Before Class Begins (Staff)

1) All coaches will be checked for Fever, Runny Nose, Coughing and any other symptoms before every shift. (Temperature must below 100.4)
2) Front Desk Staff will be provided with face mask and gloves.
3) Staff will check temp of every Athlete before entering the gym.
4) Staff will make sure everything is clean before allowing members to enter the facilities.

Before Class Begins (Athlete)

1) Athlete must wait in assigned area with a distance of 6 feet apart.
2) Before Entering Staff will check temperature of every Athlete must be wearing their mask and checked for any symptoms (Temperature must be bellow 100.4)
3) As Entering the Gym Athlete must wash their hands.
4) Athlete must stay with in assigned area during the workout and no longer have to wear the mask.

During Class

1) Workouts will be designed where member won’t be require to leave assigned area
2) Equipment will be already set up for members ahead of time.
3) Athletes will be assigned a 8×6 Square area to workout in.
4) Athletes will be allowed to have a water source and a towel with in their square.5) The use of mask are not require during intense cardio workouts, but athletes are welcome to use one.

After Class

1) Athlete will place equipment back to original location.
2) Athletes will exit through assigned exit which will be located in the back of the gym and will dismissed by section.

Gym Floor Layout

1) A max 10 Athletes will be allowed inside and additional 4 will be added outside of the gym
2) Athletes will be provided with a 10×10 Square to maintain social distancing.
3) If Rig is used each member will be assigned a specific Pull-Up bar to use during the workout
4) Equipment will be layout before every class and re-organized for the following class.
5) Members will have place to put water and towel with in their square.

The area located for athletes will the 5 out side squares on the right and left side along the rig.

Each square will have a number. Right square will be 1, left one will be 2, right 3, left 4 and so on until all 10. The middle squares will be for members to walk in and out and use the restrooms.

The exit will be located in the back of the gym.

Athlete Workout Area Lay out:

Top Right: Plates and Bars. From bottom to top: 45,35,25,15,10’s.
Top Middle: Cleaning Equipment and Cubbies.
Top Left: Box Jump
Left Side: Rower or Bike

Step By Step:

Step 1: Coaches will Check Temperature of athletes before heading in the Gym.
Step 2: Athletes must wash their Hands before moving to specific workout Area.
Step 3: Athletes will set and wait until all athletes are on their assigned workout.
Step 4: At the end of the work Athletes will wipe down equipment and place it back how it was found.
Step 5: Coach will dismissed class in section and will exit through the back of the gym.
Step 6: Coaches will have 15 min to clean the equipment throughly before letting any other members inside the gym.