You have to expect things of yourself before
you can do them.

Looking to change it up? If you are new to CrossFit you’re in the right place. We have a dedicated team of coaches and trainers that are ready to jump on this journey with you. Let’s not forget about an awesome community of like minded members willing to stand beside you.

Our site is currently being upgraded and we have some amazing things coming. Please contact us at 562-464-5500 for more information on how to get started and a free session. We look forward to meeting you.

If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard, you’ll
be hard to beats.

Are you CrossFit experienced and ready to see what CrossFit Whittier has to offer you? We would love to introduce you to our coaches and community and shake things up a bit.

With over 5,000 square feet and some amazing coaches you can’t go wrong. CF Whittier is Whittier’s OG CrossFit facility. Contact us today at 562-464-5500 and come in for a free workout.


We are Whittier’s first CrossFit affiliate starting in a small location on Whittier Blvd and growing into our much larger Uptown Whittier facility. CrossFit Whittier is located in the heart of Uptown Whittier in a beautiful 5,300 square foot facility on Philadelphia Street across from the dog park. Our box (CrossFit Gym) also has a place for kids to hang out, a mobility room, a healthy vending machine, free coffee and water, meal prep services by Territory Foods, and high quality supplements.

At CrossFit Whittier, we pride ourselves on the expertise of our coaching staff and variety of programs designed to help you achieve your goals. To reach this goal we have a variety of programs designed for everybody. These programs include CrossFit, gymnastics, strength classes, high intensity interval training, nutrition coaching, mobility and stretching, CrossFit Kids and Olympic Lifting. We are also developing programs for athletes over 55 years old and Birth Fit classes. We believe and are committed to the idea that health and fitness is for everyone in the community.

CrossFit Whittier is built on the pillars of family, community, health, fitness and achieving results! Our mission is to provide a safe, effective and inclusive training environment for all individuals regardless of their age, fitness level and circumstance. Our coaching staff is trained to provide our athletes the best experience to help them have fun and reach their goals. Our team is driven by the opportunity to help you become your very best. With our “My Coach” program, our coaches consistently communicate with each athlete personally to keep them motivated and on track.

Meet our trainers


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Get out of your
Comfort Zone

Hey, no one ever said getting an awesome, healthy body was easy.
that’s why the word work is in working out.

Victoria D.

This has helped me build self esteem, confidence, and believe in myself. I recommend this to everyone…

Sara F.

The most amazing, wonderful, motivating community of people. Great workouts & the coaches are so supportive.

Daniel C.

Great people, great experience…they will push you to where you want to be. Glad I signed up.

Not just and other CrossFit


Still looking for a reason to join CrossFit and make CrossFit Whittier your home? 

Sometimes it our members that inspire us to keep doing what we are doing. As a coach/trainer there is no better reward than seeing a member achieve his or her goals. After all the hard work, sweat and sometimes tears, the end results is what keeps us going. As we join our members on their fitness journey they discover a little more about themselves. How hard they can push, what they are willing to endure to be the best version of themselves and so much more. It take a special kind of person to take on a task such as this.

We would be lying if we said we didn’t get anything out of it. Seeing all these transformations gives us the want and desire to wake up every morning and commit to our members, our community. There truly is no better reward. See what our members are saying about us.